Online Software

Do you need custom software?

At TaxarPro we design and develop customized online software. This is a good option for those businesses that need an online application developed especially for them, so that their management software adapts to them, instead of them to an already created software.

What types of online applications?

The options are many, but here we are going to leave some.


  • Complete Management , billing, budgets, delivery notes, stock control, POS POS, etc.

  • Personnel Control , employee management, notifications, documentation, etc.

  • Flight documentation , contract creation, legal documents, etc.

  • Booking System

  • Push Notification System

  • Online Catalogs , connected to online stores, management systems, etc.

  • and more.

These are some of the systems that we have developed completely from scratch at the request of the client, with the functions that you need without complications, without countless options that are not used, making the work of our client and the development of its activity more productive, and showing you reports on the state of your business in a personalized way, so that each system adapts perfectly to each way of working and managing each business.

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