Mobile App for WordPress

Mobile App for WordPress

If you have a blog, online store or a website that you want to take to a mobile application, you have reached the right place, WordPress is one of the most famous content managers (if not the one that most ...), and we have verified that it integrates seamlessly with a mobile application.

Have your own mobile application, with push notifications, real-time analytics, geolocation, etc. Integrated into WordPress are some of the possibilities that this great CMS has.

In TaxarPro we are experts in WordPress, so we develop plugins and themes completely from scratch and we want to give our customers the possibility of having a mobile application of your blog, send push notifications when you publish new content, categories, comments, etc.


We also have a place for Woocommerce, the perfect complement for an online store in WordPress, your application can have everything you need for your customers to buy from anywhere, be informed of changes in order status, tracking numbers, categories, products, offers, etc.

Functions of a mobile application for WooCommerce

You may wonder what benefits you get by having your own mobile application from your Woocommerce online store, and here are some of them.

  • Having a mobile application for Woocommerce will give you more confidence when it comes to selling your products or services, since it is a point in favor of having an application.
  • Your customers can buy from anywhere at any time, at a faster rate than if they visited your store from a browser.
  • When a customer makes an order you can notify the status of it directly through your application with a push notification.
  • Your customers can save favorite products on their own device.
  • All centralized, you do not need to make external facilities to control products, stock, price, etc.
  • 100% customization, the application is developed from scratch and will be exactly as you want.
  • Your customers will be able to see the orders placed and their status anywhere.
  • Integration with most payment platforms (Paypal, Stripe, Redsys *, etc.)

We also take care of everything and the mobile application will be completely to your liking, do you want more information? Send us a message through the form or by chat.


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