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There are many content managers to manage a web page and / or online store. WordPress is the most popular of them all, not only for being a good content manager, but also for its ease of use, since any user with basic knowledge can manage a website / online store with this system. In TaxarPro we have it as the first option. Do you want to know why? Keep reading.

What is WordPress?

WordPress in a content manager (CMS). It was created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little , at first it was used only for blog, with which it had a great popularity. Over time it became one of the main tools for creating commercial web pages.

Numbers ...

WordPress is used as of March 2019 by more than a quarter of all global websites (exactly 33.4% of all Internet sites use it). There we include the web pages that work without any content manager, if we only have the websites that use a content manager, that percentage goes up to 60.3%, that is, more than half of all the websites that have a installed content manager use WordPress ...

What makes WordPress special?

Especially the work of the great community behind, programmers like us who make constant improvements in the system against attacks, add new functions, etc. Add-ons or plugins and templates or themes are also developed to further improve its functions.

And what does TaxarPro do?

TaxarPro develops custom plugins for functions that are not included with WordPress by default or on the contrary that exist but want to be improved. In addition to these plugins we also develop themes or templates (what the user sees when entering a website, colors, style, structure, etc.). A custom theme specially designed for each web page is very beneficial, not only because it improves the visual aspect, but also because it improves performance, which makes it more effective for SEO .

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