WordPress Audits

Does your WordPress load slowly?

Do not worry, with TaxarPro audits we can solve loading problems, as well as any problems your WordPress may have. Sometimes these problems occur in WordPress for a significant number of active plugins or in themes that are not optimized .

In the audit we check the active plugins and their consumption on your website, we advise you and recommend actions to reduce loading times, and also if you require it, we take appropriate measures.

We check the topic (what the user sees when they visit your website). In most cases a small adjustment makes your website load much faster, optimizing server resources and therefore improving the user experience.

Do you have problems with waiting times?

The waiting times until the first byte or TTFB may be due to the fact that your server is not optimized enough, hard disk usage, insufficient RAM, network problems, PHP configuration (Versions below 7.x), database speed, etc.

There are many factors and almost all can be solved with some adjustments.

Do you not upload positions in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc?

Welcome to the world of Google & amp; INC. Google wants its websites to be fast, although it is not 100% of the conditions it takes into account, it is something that goes beyond Google and is the most important thing, your users, who are the ones who visit the web, in case it takes a long time between loading and getting to see the content they are looking for, it causes important users to be lost. This is called bounce rate. In analytics when your website has a high bounce rate it may be because the website has not loaded fast enough and therefore the user leaves the website, without continuing browsing, this percentage indicates that a user has accessed your site web and has abandoned it without continuing browsing the.

A fast and retention site improves positioning.

Do you want to improve the performance of your WordPress?

If some of the above points you have felt identified, ask for information without any commitment and improve the performance of your website.

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