WordPress plugins

What are plugins for WordPress?

Plugins are add-ons that are installed in WordPress, they can be used to expand functionality or to add it. For example, Woocommerce is the WordPress plugin for creating an online store. This plugin adds the options to create products, orders, a shopping cart, etc.

And if there is no plugin I need?

You have come to the right place. In TaxarPro we create the plugins you need, in a very easy way: First you explain what functionality you want and then we present the options available, as well as the option to develop a plugin for you. We have created plugins of all kinds, for example:


  • A plugin that calculates based on the current date and a value stored in each Woocommerce product that calculates the guaranteed delivery date or also the estimated delivery date for an online store.

  • Connection with third-party applications for stock management, billing, etc.

  • Complete mobile applications connected to Woocommerce to have a mobile application from your online store.

  • Applications for blogs, showing the contents of your blog in a mobile application.

  • Connecting with product designers to customize products before adding them to the cart

  • and a long etc ...

I bought a plugin but I need to change some things

When we buy a plugin in any internet market we don't always find what we are looking for and when we find it, it may not be completely to our liking. We can also modify it, as long as the plugin's main developer gives us his consent (when the plugin is public there are usually no problems since the code is also public). If you tell us the plugin that is we can give you an answer about this.

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